Are We Healing Our Pain or Learning to Live with It?


Hello, my dear friends and welcome, I’m so` honored that you have given yourself the opportunity to join me again. I would like to take this time to talk about an old subject but perhaps with a new perspective.

So, let’s ease into it by stepping back about four years. My lovely wife Lisa is an amazing psychic-medium. But to top off her talents she is also a gifted trance channel. What this means is she is able to put herself into a deep meditative state and allow her consciousness to step aside as she brings in the highest vibrational energies. The being that comes in the strongest for her is Gaia, but you may know her as Mother Earth or Mother Nature. In short, Gaia is the consciousness of the planet and she has the personality of a sweet old grandmother who doesn’t mind calling you out on your nonsense if you’re able to handle it. I have conversed with this energy face to face hundreds of times. When I desire the honest truth about myself and the truth about so many other things she is more than happy to accommodate my needs and curiosity. Now most of the time Gaia represents herself as the spokesperson of a collective of high vibrational energies coming from twelfth density and higher. Their love for humankind is immense and they are very good at conveying this message as they offer their assistance.

masking emotional woundsAs the year 2013 drew to a close Lisa and I were feeling a subtle shift in the energy around us. We were becoming very emotional about energies that we couldn’t understand. As empaths, we realized we were taking on the emotions of those around us and they were coming so fast that it was hard to shake them. At times, I would just sit in my living room with tears in my eyes. When Lisa would ask me the cause I would simply say that I felt the sadness of humanity. I would feel a huge sense of hopelessness and sadness coming from the deep unconsciousness of the human collective. What is one to do with this type of occurrence?

I know in my heart that no experience is random and I also feel that for those who are especially empathic, it is not the burden they may think it is. My thought is that empaths are given this gift so they can use it to help others. For Lisa and me, we wanted to get to the bottom of why these emotions kept coming so strongly. How could we use this experience to help those who were feeling the shifting energies closing in around them? We had to channel on the subject. We had to talk to our Team and find out what the message for humanity was.

We were informed that the energy of the planet was indeed changing. Earth is passing into a section of the galaxy that is affecting everything around us. Furthermore, the time is now for higher vibrational entities and energies to put a little more pressure on humans to raise their consciousness and to assist us in putting an end to our emotional pain and trauma. We were also informed that the passing of our calendar years is, in a way, a catalyst to slowly increase the pressure on our consciousness to bring our unhealed pain to the surface and deal with it without judgement or the usual ego that prevents us from looking at our own darkness.

Now here’s the kicker if you will, if we haven’t learned to heal ourselves through our experiences then the experiences will become a little more intense in the following year. They will play out again and again with more energy as they try to get our attention once more.

Gaia and the team have given this message many times in the group settings we hold in our home. Every fall and winter season we are reminded to clean up our dirty laundry and clear ourselves of stuck emotions or they will intensify as the new year rolls around. We are more or less being compressed to squeeze these issues to the surface where they can be faced head on.

Lisa and I have observed many folks around us with this in mind. We are seeing relationships crashing and burning in big ways. We are witnessing others as they are breaking down under the weight of their own fears. An amazing amount of people are coming into our lives who are having affairs as they desperately seek outside of themselves for the love they could never find from within. We were also informed by the Team that there would be larger numbers of people dying and leaving the planet because they won’t be able to adjust to the new energies and move forward. I’ve often wondered if this is why so many celebrities have died in the last two years or so. Could it be that the falseness and grandeur that often follows the celebrity lifestyle becomes too much to bear as these people are drawn further and further away from their true selves? I don’t really know for sure but it feels a bit curious to me.

Lisa and I speak with hundreds of people every year as they seek the services of my beautiful wife. It is often the case that we are pointing out to the client that there is still work to be done on issues from the past. The phrase I’ve been hearing the most, and consequently provided inspiration for this article is, “I can’t believe this is coming up again. I thought I had dealt with that issue and moved on.” Hearing this several times started me pondering. Most of these folks are good, hardworking, honest types. They seek us out because they are looking for ways to make themselves feel better. When they are given insights into their problems they usually feel at least somewhat empowered to make changes in their life to bring about resolve and healing. So, what could be the problem here? Why can’t we just change our perspective and release our pain?

I’m quite sure there are many answers to this question. Perhaps the ego doesn’t want to admit that we are hurting so badly. The ego sees that as a sign of weakness and will prevent us from seeing the issue. Maybe our pain manifests as anger and we use our rage to punish those who have done us wrong. Sometimes we don’t like to admit that we acted shamefully in the past and if we bring this thought to the surface the pain is too great to bear. I’m sure that each and every one of you could add something new to this list so I’ll just move on.

I understand many of the mechanisms that prevent our self-reflection but why do so many of us say we have dealt with our issues and moved on? Perhaps we talked out our problems with someone we trusted and felt we were done with it. Well I think the answer is actually very simple. We may have worked on a small piece of the problem but then we found a way to just live with it. The human animal is very clever and it has an amazing ability to adapt and make changes to thought and lifestyle for survival. When the trauma is too great to deal with the subconscious mind will create stories that aren’t quite true and will provide distractions for the conscious mind to spin on so I won’t discover the truth. The ego will join in as it looks at the fancy clothes and shiny car and says to the conscious brain, “Hey look at all this stuff, you really have it all together if you have all these wonderful things. Life sure is great”.

Now please don’t get me wrong, I am not beating up on anyone who has nice things. That has nothing to do with anything here. I’m simply saying that we are quite adept at living with our pain under the guise of happiness. This is evident from the endless array of stress related illnesses such as ulcers and heart disease. But also of stress related behaviors like OCD, biting of fingernails, bouncing one’s leg when seated, being judgmental of others and shouting at the in-laws. The list goes on…

The time is now to be looking at ourselves in a more honest light. Let’s stop judging ourselves as damaged. We may want to stop distracting ourselves with TV and video games and sit quietly in self-reflection. For me, just sitting in a natural setting is immensely healing. My head becomes clear and I often realize that my problems aren’t as big as they once seemed. And let’s not forget that most of the junk clanging around in our heads is the depression we carry from events in the past and the worry about the future.

The fact is that you are what you are in this single moment right now. In the moment of now you are not that crying child or the jilted high school sweetheart. You’re not your mother’s mental illness and the harsh words she spoke. Your adult life has no use for the taunts on the school bus and the punches you took from your older brother.

Now, from a new angle look at yourself again. You see, you are a wonderful person, you do care about your friends, you strive to do what’s right for the world, and you try to be positive when your lover is feeling down. These things are your truth and this is what you are today, in the moment of Now. Please, please, please, work to find a way to deal honestly with fears and hang ups. I want you to find love of self, I want you to have true happiness because it is your birthright and most of all I want you to move forward with the utmost lightness and freedom.

Namaste, Patrick



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Patrick Shalosky

Patrick Shalosky is a natural born intuitive and empath who incarnated into this lifetime to bring forth ancient wisdom and knowledge. He is also a Certified Hypnotist trained by the world renowned Author and Hypnotist Dick Sutphen and the International Hypnosis Federation with a focus on spiritual hypnosis taking people into their Past Lives, Soul Retrieval, Back-To-The-Cause, Soul-Group Regression and Parallel Lives.

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  1. Great article Patrick! Working in the mental health field, I deal with a lot of people who are “stuck” on unnecessary things. It’s quite a job getting them to realize this in order to “move on” in order to really find inner happiness.

    Happiness is not around us, it is within us. We must each make that journey to find it.

    Namaste, my friend.

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