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16th Archangel – Patron Angel of Light Workers. I had the most amazing Advanced ACP workshop over the weekend with the Internationally renowned Tina Marie Daly and Charles Virtue, son of Doreen Virtue.

By Desiree Szabo

Advanced Card Spreads, Past Life Reading Techniques, Aura Readings, Atlantean Healing Meditation, and developing your professional career as a healer were topics that were discussed. Doreen herself, called in to give us Light Workers a congratulatory message on how we can continue our path, and help mother earth. Most importantly though was the introduction to the 16th Archangel, Archangel Nathaniel.

Archangel Nathaniel means “Gift of God”.  He is called the 2012 Archangel. His energy is working closely with us to help us to prepare for the spiritual shift and changes that are to take place in 2013.  Archangel Nathaniel nudges us, whispers in our ear, and pushes us to follow the path of what makes our heart sing.  Passion, joy, happiness, love, and light is the vocabulary he uses to bring us nearer to our life purpose. He encourages us to participate also in a collective purpose.  In other words, he is stating for us to help, heal, and protect the earth planet and everyone who lives on it.  Where I attend, at Agape International Spiritual Center, Archangel Nathaniel, oversees and watches over the Universal Love that is spread all over the world and how the ministries are involved in this collective consciousness. He asks us to stretch more than your comfort zone at this holiday time to ones that are in need.

Archangel Nathaniel helps us stay grounded with mother earth in these modern times while we light workers are having a connection with the angelic realm and higher energies. If asked, he will help you adjust to the levels of awareness and the shifts that are changing at a rapid pace on earth. The frequencies are moving so quickly that one can feel unbalanced, so just invoke Archangel Nathaniel to step in.

He is associated with fire. His fiery energy immerses us with a fiery flame to awaken your passions and desires. He encourages us to release them, seek them and achieve them. His energy is forceful, passionate, protective, cleansing and purifying. Archangel Nathaniel manifests your intentions and motivates you. You can call upon him to remove physical pain.  His healing modalities are sun and star energy.  He will be by your side during a crystal healing.

Archangel Nathaniel is about big change and a big desire to have it happen now. When you call on Archangel Nathaniel, change right away will take place.

Charles Virtue mentioned kiddingly to put in a disclaimer to my readers due to the emails that will be flooding in. The change that you may have asked Archangel Nathaniel may not be the change that you had expected or had desired.

On that note, be very, very clear on what you do want to manifest for your future.
Look at the core of your soul.  You definitely need to know you; what it is you want in your future, what you want in your life, and believe and have faith that it can happen. Manifest your thoughts by thinking them over thoroughly and carefully, as well as know your true heart felt feelings. You have free will and Archangel Nathaniel is not a mind reader, he does not want to be toyed with if you are indecisive. If you are unclear about what you want to manifest, this is not the time to invoke Archangel Nathaniel. Remember he represents fire energy.

He is here to open and expand your heart chakra. Ask to invite him into every aspect and action of your life purpose and have no fear, doubt or hesitation that he will be there at your side. After working with Archangel Nathaniel give him gratitude and thanksgiving for his help.  Remember that Archangel Nathaniel is the vehicle, the platform for balance, harmony and trust, so the Angels can help you fill in the blanks when you are in the middle of a life change. It can be about relationships, career, finances, or your health that you need guidance on.

Archangel Nathaniel’s message to all light workers is to stop procrastination. You have taken enough classes, workshops, and studying. You are prepared. The ego may try to stop you and control you. You are strong enough now, and it is time. It is time to step forward to show Mother Earth your gifts, talents and abilities. You have been given power, love, light, and know whom you are and why you have chosen this incarnation. You have nothing to be afraid of. Archangel Nathaniel acknowledges us and reminds us to speed up and go forward.

How to have a relationship with Archangel Nathaniel? Just ask. He is here to help you regarding how to live your life purpose.

Ways to tell if it is time:

There is a readiness in the air, an urgency on your part, you fidget, cannot sit still, pace, you want not a little change but a genuine big change, something earth shattering that will propel you to the next step. A transition from point A to point B will be manifested. You no longer want to put off what has been pulling at you.  This is definitely not for the faintheartedness, this big change. The color red will appear more in your life.  You will see symbols, such as red cars, red clothes, and the number 16. You may receive a surprise attack, something out of the ordinary. If Archangel Nathaniel’s energy is too intense, ask him firmly that you need to take a break.  Like pushing pause on a tape recorder. You do have free choice.  He will ask you to get rid of the waste in your life.  Clear clutter, delete cell phones, and delete what does not serve you on the Internet.  Cleanse and purify the ties that are in your life.  If it means an ending you will know it does not serve you anymore. You will be moving forward, guided with Archangel Nathaniel’s manifestations.  Do not let any one stop you from achieving your heart’s desires and life changes, no matter how silly or far-fetched it may seem to them. Press on and have conviction that you can do it.

Archangel Nathaniel is a performance-enhancing angel with a subtle sense of humor. Archangel Nathaniel is here to see us align with our pure true selves; why we came here in this life to do the work that we chose on the other side to accomplish, our life purpose.

Interesting enough I had fast tracked Archangel Nathaniel this year, regarding my own life purpose, as an Intuitive Angel Counselor.  I had accomplished what I had set myself out to do.  I set the intention to be certified as an Advanced level IET, Master-Instructor IET, Angelic Counselor Certified Practitioner, Certified Angel Card reader, and Advanced Angel Practitioner.  The tears of joy flowed down my face at the end of Advanced ACP due to how Archangel Nathaniel had stood by my side throughout the year.  You see, I did not give up and I pressed on.  I can profess that what you want to manifest can be brought to fruition if you just believe, trust and have faith in yourself and your Angels.  Happy Holidays!

Archangel Nathaniel – Angel of Manifestation

Meaning of the name: 

“God has given” or “Gift of God”


Dominion of the fire energy.  Rapid life changes for your higher good. Transitions that are safe and protected. Manipulate physics in time to make it the way you want it to turn out. Archangel Nathaniel’s purpose is our purpose.  He is here to energetically push us to move forward, immerse ourselves, and blossom. The key to working with Archangel Nathaniel is manifestation and transformation.

He will make changes that we did not know was a problem. He is here to embellish the I Am that I Am in you. Understanding you are Source and to wake up your own power.

Angel Lights:


Halo aura color: 


Related crystal:

Phantom crystals and Rutilated Quartz

Candle colors:

Passion: red, purple, gold
Stopping Procrastination: magenta, yellow, black, silver
Abundance: green, gold, silver, yellow, magenta
Artists and Creative Projects: yellow, red, gold, magenta
Attracting a soul mate:  light pink, red, orange, blue
Sports: red, green, magenta, gray

Red: passions, strength, vitality. Evokes a sense of urgency in your work.  You want to have something to happen quickly and very fast.  Advancing a career or to even start a new one.  It is important to have intentions that are positive, uplifting, joyful, and love filled based.

Specific uses:  career advancement, strength, vitality, protection, passion, and courage


Intention and will power to reach your chosen goals, for fulfillment of life purpose: Pine, birch, ginger, marjoram, orange, oregano

Follow your heart: Oregano, pine, cardamom, basil, orange

Gifts of the heart: Basil, Marjoram, Coriander, Jasmine, Cardamom, Neroli, Sandalwood

Alpha and Omega’s The Great Remembering: Ginger, peppermint, pine, orange, basil marjoram, grapefruit, lemongrass

Wings of Flight: Bay, orange, lemongrass, cardamom, ginger


Dear Archangel Nathaniel, I call upon you to open my heart chakra to expand my awareness and sensitivity on what I desire.  I have set my intentions. I affirm these requests knowing that they have been answered with gratitude and love.  I thank you Archangel Nathaniel for supporting, answering and manifesting my prayers.

~ * ~

Archangel Nathaniel’s energy is very rapid and powerful.  He is tall and muscular in size with long brown hair.  You will feel warm and heat when he is in your presence.

Desiree Szabo is certified in Mediumship, an Angel Therapy Practitioner, and Integrated Energy Therapy. She is an Ordained Minister, Creator of the Blog Talk Radio Show, Adored Angel, and co-host of Achieved Radio shows. She is also a well-known writer for numerous metaphysical publications for the spiritual realm. To learn more, visit her website:




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  1. Michelle M. Nazario on

    Does anyone know where I can obtain a statue and pendent of the Archangel Nathaniel??

  2. Raewyn Creak on

    Thankyou.I was given the name of the archangel Nathaniel recently too.I have just been given an amazing vision of him as I was reading.Thankyou.

  3. Hi thanks for the info on Archangel Nathaniel. I was given his name recently and wondered if I would be channelling a book from him, since I have already channelled Metatron and Ariel. I didn’t know what he represented, but this definitely fits with the rapid changes that are presently coming through for us all. I have seen this in my work, in fact I’ve recently received an upgrade specifically to channel the highest light consciousness currently in existence, a very powerful crystal consciousness, more powerful than the Andaras!

    Love your work, and will promote you where possible. I think it’s important to work as a collective now to bring in the lightbody changes that are necessary. If possible I would like to contribute the odd post to other readers?
    This is just what we need at the moment, bless you xxx

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