Angels Often Come to Us Disguised


Blessings Beloved Ones, We, your Angels, are here to help you release all your concerns, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Please be willing to surrender every problem and situation to God and the Angels in return for resolution and peace. You are now given a pen and paper to write down everything that’s been on your mind.

FIRST… Relax and take in a few deep breaths, this will help you to connect with your consciousness. Focus on your heart chakra which is located in the center of your chest. Now place your hands over your heart and feel the love that is within you and begins to surround you. Allow it continue… going outward from you to everyone everywhere.

Compassion and joy begin to emanate from you, as well as love and light. You sense a calmness that comes over you and set your intentions before you begin to write everything that has been weighing heavily upon your mind.

You take your hands down from your heart and pick up your pen and begin to contemplate any health concerns, challenges you are going through, relationship issues, career concerns, family problems, sense of lack and anything else that is causing a concern and brings negativity and stress into your life. Everything of concern is now listed. You notice as your Angels draw near.  These beautiful celestial beings begin to surround you. They’re here to give you the support you’ve been needing.

Beside you are your Guardian Angels; everyone has them. They are constantly with you throughout your earthly journey. Behind you are Archangels Raphael and Michael, and many other Archangels who are very powerful. If you’re in need of immediate assistance, call on these powerful Angels and they will be right beside you.

Next Healing Angels stand at your side, as well as any Angel that you have a special connection with.  They are so very happy to assist you today and anytime that you need help with any area of your life. All they ask is that you show gratitude. A simple Thank You is all that is needed.

As you complete your list, anxiety and stress begin to fade away. Tension and pain lift as well. All the fear that has been holding you back and negative thinking patterns are fading away. ALL physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues begin to heal. Any worry or guilt are completely gone. Love, inner peace and positivity remain.

The Angels place a beautiful golden box before you. You put your list of concerns in this box and watch as the Angels carry it to Heaven. You are now inspired to change your life and are filled with love and compassion.

The connection with your Angels today has been so powerful and uplifting, as well as insightful and magical! God has answered all your questions and prayers. He reminds us to ask ourselves: What would Love Do? Love is always the answer. Allow love to begin with you and continue to everyone until the whole planet is healed. You feel renewed in your body, mind and soul. You are now centered in your heart space, knowing all is well. You have released all that no longer serves you.

You know that your Angels are near and you can call upon them whenever you need them. There is no limit on how they can help you.  They remind you that you create the life you live. Why not create one that you love?  Everything you need is within you. You are now able to live in the moment, experiencing all the good that life has to offer.

You thank God, for the Love and Healing that has taken place. God and the Angels will be nearby to offer loving support. God reminds us that we are here to be happy. Love has the power to change the world! God’s Love has enough power to heal your heart and transform your mind. Healing is real. Everyone can do it. Everyone’s love has impact and value. Use this power often. We Love you, Beloved Ones.

Your Angelic Team



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