Align Your Intention For A Successful 2017


It’s New Year’s Day and you wake full of ideas. You’re determined that this will be the year you do everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

That book is going to be finished, career ambitions will be fulfilled and it’s time that gym membership was put to good use.

As visions of success begin to excite you, old nagging doubts begin to creep in. ‘Perhaps I won’t have time,’ you think. Slipping back into inertia you contemplate your failures. Intention is fading. Your Hara is out of line.

Releasing your creative energies requires an understanding of how they work. If creative energies are blocked, new possibilities can’t manifest. All physical and emotional experiences are first created within these energy fields. How you think and feel begins in these four dimensions of a human being.

These are the Physical level, the Auric field, the Haric level, and the Core star.

The first dimension is the physical world which we are familiar with and mistakenly consider to be the only aspect of our body.

Directly beneath this is the Auric level. Whatever exists in the physical has manifested here first. It governs the way we think and behave and makes us unique.

Beneath this level is the Hara. Here is where intention is held. This is the vital ingredient for creating our personal success story. Often we naturally oppose our own intentions causing confusion and turmoil. The internal fight is frustrating and may label us as lazy or rebellious.

Beneath this layer is the Core Star. This is our personal connection to the source and is the place we all strive to reconnect with.

All creativity begins with the Hara. Imagine the power between a group of healers who have aligned their Hara levels with the same intention.

A practical way to align your Hara line is to practise TiaBelle Chi. Creative visualisation and meditation will strengthen resolve.

In order to heal our physical bodies and strengthen our intentions we must begin at this core level. Healing then infiltrates all four levels.

The Haric level is what the Aura lies on. Reconnecting with your Hara and focusing on intention will strengthen your determination and realisation and your dreams will be a possibility.




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Elaine Good

Column: Help and Healing | Elaine Good is a complementary therapist, psychic life coach, empathic counsellor, spiritual healer and stress management practitioner. Her aim is to gently assist others as they understand and progress through deep seated emotional blocks inspiring spiritual progression, enlightenment, inner peace and insight. For more information, see her facebook page:

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