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Abby RoseThe conversation with Abby Rose was comfortable from the first hello, like talking to an old friend. We started out with general conversation to find that we had many things in common. Abby said something in the initial few minutes of our conversation that told me just how spiritually aligned she is with her art and the wonderful work she does. “What is great about being an artist is that it is infinitive and you build on it; it is endless when you can think like a creator, you are not limited.” However, Abby is more than just an Artist; she is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Psychic Intuitive, Spirit Artist and Animal Guide Artist. When Abby was in elementary school she used to read books by Sylvia Browne and through reading these books was able to feel ‘okay’ about being intuitive. Art was part of her life since her mother was also an artist and after reading one of Sylvia Browne’s books in the 5th grade decided to do what Sylvia Browne had done; ask for a Guide. But not just any Spirit Guide, an Artist guide. The next day while watching a watercolor show on PBS, she got an idea and picked up a Wildlife Magazine with a picture of a duck on the cover. She had never water-colored prior to this, and knew that this new guide, Pat, had channeled this painting through her. When Abby was in the eighth grade she did her first phone reading for a boyfriend. Abby says that as she got older and started going to parties and clubs that people would line up to get a reading from her. She calls this period of her life a ‘transition’.

Abby was born in Wisconsin and has lived there her entire life. She is mother to a five year old little boy and balances motherhood with her healing work, radio show, phone readings and spirit drawings that she does through a live feed so her clients can see their drawing transform right before their eyes. Abby says that building a business as a Spirit artist requires staying grounded, “I am searching for balance all the time” she says. Abby used to be a hair dresser and that experience grounded her in business which allowed her to carry that experience into her Spirit Art and other Readings. She says “you need to be grounded, need practical experience and life skills to know how to market yourself.” Abby also says that when you are doing intuitive work, part of the work is gaining experience so you can “get out of your way.” In the beginning she wasn’t able to do this, she said she had to do it enough that she owned it in her soul. “Through repetition you build skill” and once she owned it, she says she has become a ‘free channel’ and does not remember much from her sessions. “It is as if I am watching myself rather than being myself.” Abby repeatedly mentioned being grounded; she says that she meditates daily and that it is vital. As a Reiki Healer, Abby says that she has learned that maintaining harmony between the root and crown chakras is very important for any intuitive. She feels that the stronger the root chakra the stronger the ability to channel spirit.

It was about two years ago that Abby made the decision to take her gifts to the next level and make it into a business. She had a vision of a purple man sitting in a yoga position juggling spheres. After this vision she had an intuitive email reading to which she was told that she could draw spirit guides as well as channel passed loved ones. Shortly after this reading she had completed a drawing for a coworker. When she presented the piece her coworker exclaimed “that is my grandpa”, Abby also had a channeled message for her coworker that was ‘dead on’. Abby says that Pat (her Spirit Guide), who is like a mediator between two worlds, is the one who brings forth the image to be recognized in Abby’s drawings. She remains blank enough for spirit to work through her. As she told me this I smiled, because being an artist myself, it made sense. An artist always starts with a blank canvas or some other blank media and Abby has found a way to become the blank media for which spirit can work.

Abby has such a vibrant and fun energy that she makes you feel like you are home and I decided that this spotlight would not be complete without fully showcasing her skill. After completing our interview I purchased a Spirit Art Reading. The next evening Abby sent me an email with a link for her ‘live feed’ and requested I log into chat to ensure I had a full view of her and the Spirit Art that would soon appear. At the appointed time I opened the live feed, logged in and Abby was already there waiting for me. She greeted me in chat in her bubbly way and then poked her cheery face in front of the camera to wave hello. She then, through chat, let me know that there would be no sound and that she would be saying a prayer first. Minutes later, magic started to happen on the paper attached to the easel. Charcoal was being applied in long and short strokes and very quickly a face started to emerge. As I watched in amazement my grandpa Pete was right before me, however, this image changed and morphed into a woman that strikingly looked like one of my Native American guides. As I continued to watch the image continued to change and I was looking at a younger woman with beautiful features and an angelic quality about her. Suddenly there were colors added Indigo blue and purple and the feminine features began to take on masculine qualities as the image changed again. I started to get tingly chills as little details were added to this drawing. When it was complete Abby held it up to the camera and the screen went offline. My instructions were to phone her after this portion of the reading was complete.

Abby had messages for me from my guides and passed loved ones and I am still smiling from this wonderful experience. Abby said she was given the name Henry, I always thought Henry was just the name I gave to the Lizard Pin I wear on my lapel. He has been with me a very long time. Abby shared with me that there were many angels around me and that my main guide was very protective. These things I already knew and have always known. She instructed me to find a photo of my grandfather in uniform. My grandfather was in the Air Force and in World War II, so I knew this to be accurate. She was confident that this spirit she had drawn was my grandfather. When she emailed me a photo of the drawing I could see my grandfather in both his youth and in later years when we was a professional clown. My grandfather devoted his life to working with mentally and physically challenged young people and I could see remnants of his clown makeup in the drawing. I found both the photo in uniform and a photo of his clown makeup. In about a week my drawing should be here in its new home hanging over my mantle, however, this experience will stay in my heart forever. Thank you Abby.

I have decided to share my experience with the Bellesprit Readers by sharing the direct live feed link for my Spirit Art Drawing.

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