A Year of New Beginnings – Manifesting with the Angels


This month we will be reflecting on 2016 and exploring how some basic numerology associated with letting go of 2016 and working with the energies of 2017 can assist with this.

We will also explore how we can work with the Angelic Realm to manifest the life we want for 2017 and beyond. Finally, as a new addition to my articles for 2017, I will be including an Angel Horoscope channelled from my Angelic guide ‘Tahalihah’ and The Angels of Angelic Helix Healing.

2016 was a year of change and upheaval for many individuals and was felt on a global scale. Many countries also experienced unrest and uncertainty on a vast scale and previously buried secrets of wrong doing were regularly unearthed and exposed. We were all challenged on a daily basis to confront our fears and to ‘walk our talk.’

Within numerology, 2016 was a ‘9’ Year, a year of endings and the final year in a nine-year cycle that started in 2007. The energy of the ‘9’ vibration was responsible for encouraging this change globally and for asking us to reflect on the lessons learned since 2007, and to integrate the knowledge gained ready to take the wisdom forward into 2017.

Moving forward to 2017, being aware is now no longer enough, we are all being asked to take individual and collective responsibility for making our world and the lives of all those who dwell on it a more positive place.

Over the last few years there has been much hatred towards our fellow brothers and sisters stirred up. The energy of the new cycle starting in 2017, with the energy vibration of the number ‘1’, demands that this stop. It is important that we are able to let go of the hurts and limiting patterns of the past and that we have tied up any ‘loose ends’ at the end of 2016.  The energy of 2017 asks us all to come together, to place importance on one another, respect our individual roles within our collective story and to take responsibility for our parts within this. The energy of the number ‘1’ encourages us toward Compassion, love, peace and unity which are vital as we move forward into a new cycle, a new era. We will then be ready to embrace the fresh, positive energies of renewal in 2017 that will carry us through the next nine-year cycle to 2025.

The energy vibration of a Year ‘1’ encourages us to set our intentions and lay foundations for the coming 9 years. It is a time to sow seeds for all the hopes, dreams and desires that you wish to manifest for your future in all areas of your lives.

You can work with the Angelic Realm and ask them to assist you with manifesting the life you would like to be living by the end of the next 9-year cycle in 2025 or with your vision for 2017.

Some of the ways in which you can do this are:

  1. Completing an Angelic Inspired Vision Board – this can be either split into 9 years if you are planning to incorporate the next 9-year cycle and its energies, or just be for the year 2017. If creating a 9-year cycle you could put a representation of the energy vibration of each year (2017-1, 2018-2, 2019-3, 2020-4, 2021-5, 2022-6, 2023-7, 2024-8 and 2025-9) into specific areas and create a flow from one year to the next. If creating a vision board for 2017, you may wish to put either 2017 or the number 1 in the middle of the vison board. You may also like to incorporate your personal year number for 2017. This can be found by completing the following: add your date of birth to 2017 e.g.- 24 September would be 2+4+0+9+2+0+1+7 = 25 = 2+5 = 7 A Personal Year of ‘7.’


You could also include representations of angels within your vision board and use colours, images of plants, sacred geometry and other images or words associated with specific angels. Before starting your angelic vision board, you may find it beneficial to sit quietly and connect with the angelic realm and ask for guidance with creating your masterpiece. Ask your guardian angel to support you with creating goals and identifying that which serves your highest good over the coming year/s and that which is in alignment with your higher purpose.

  1. Angelic Affirmations – To assist you to re-enforce the energies created in your vision board on a daily basis, you could use affirmations for different areas of your life to empower you. Why not decorate a heart shaped piece of wood with beautiful images and then either write or stick words on it in order to create powerful, sentences or affirmations? You could even stick a magnet on the back of the heart and turn it in to a fridge magnet, you will then be able to put it somewhere you can view it often. To finish, why not sit in meditation with your affirmation heart and ask the angels to bless and infuse it with their energies. This will assist you to create and maintain positive change in your life over the coming year/s.

Angel Horoscopes

AriesArchangel Chamuel –  steps forward to assist you with nurturing your relationships. This is a month for both self-nurturing and letting others know how much they mean to you. Harness the energies of Rose Quartz and connect with Archangel Chamuel to set your intention to grow and nurture positive relationships in the coming year.

Taurus – Archangel Michael steps forward to support all those born under the sign of Taurus and work with them in the coming year. He states that this is a year of action and he will support you to start new projects and have the courage to step into the unknown. He offers you the energies of Lapis Lazuli to give you strength and motivation, and to access your inner wisdom.

Gemini Archangel Haniel steps forward to assist the sign of Gemini. This is a year where you can safely integrate your past and shadow side with your present and carry forward these energies into the future. Haniel asks you to be honest with affirming what you want in your life and to dedicate some time each month to self-growth this year. Haniel connects with the energies of the moonstone to assist you to bring harmony into all areas of your life.

Cancer – Archangel Jophiel – steps forward to assist all those born under the sign of Cancer with stepping into their creative flow and bringing balance into their lives. The vibration of the colour orange is offered in order to harness its creative energies and he combines this with the energy of the crystal Carnelian. This month and the coming year is important with regards to discovering your passion and what ‘makes your soul sing.’ Archangel Jophiel can support you with this quest and assist you to create balance in your everyday life.

Leo – Archangel Sandalphon steps forward to connect with those born under the sign of Leo. He states that this month and the coming year is a time to put down roots and build firm foundations for the coming years. He offers you Gold and tells you that this is a cycle in your timeline where you are able to shine, your potential is limitless. So, reach for the stars whilst keeping your feet firmly rooted in the ground and make the most of any opportunities that arise.

Virgo – Archangel Raphael steps forward to connect with those born under the sign of Virgo. His soft, healing energies surround you and ask you to take time to re-connect with those around you. He supports you to heal any past wounds and to reach out to those who need compassion, support and love at this time. He asks you to make amends if this is needed and to ask him to heal your heart and offer you the gift of self-forgiveness. He brings the energies of Moldavite and imparts this to you to assist you with transformation, love and healing.

Libra – Archangel Raziel – this angel steps forward with a message for those born under the sign of Libra. The message is that this is a year for empowering yourself in particular with regards to the area of career and finances. He assists you to connect to and access your inner power centre and changing beliefs you have in relation to this area of your life. This will then impact in other areas and assist you to grow more fully. The crystal he offers in order to support this growth is Angel Aura.

Scorpio – Archangel Ariel – Ariel is showing the snowdrop and saying that the snowdrop is perceived as a delicate flower. However, it pushes through the ground during the harshest of weathers and holds its head high and brings with it the promise of new beginnings. This is the message that Ariel brings to you, that you are stronger than you perceive you are and that you are or have the ability to be a beacon of light to others. You are offered the energies of Clear Quartz and the gift of Clarity for the coming months. Ask for Ariel’s help often and for assistance with direction throughout the year.

Sagittarius – Archangel Taniel – Taniel offers you insight and states that this is a year of much spiritual growth. It is a year when you can make much progress along your spiritual path and for many Sagittarians it will also be a year of connecting with their twin flame. Taniel offers you the energies of Pink Kunzite and Tangerine quartz to support you with your soul’s progress and connecting with your twin flame.

Capricorn – Archangel Metatron – Metatron oversees this year of new beginnings and transformation for Capricorns. He offers the energies of Amethyst to transmute all that is no longer needed into that which will support your growth and stability in the future.  He asks you to connect with your higher-self daily in order to access your innate wisdom and knowledge.

Aquarius – Archangel Gabriel connects with those born under the sign of Aquarius. Gabriel asks you to connect with your inner child and make more time for fun in the coming months. Re-capture your sense of wonderment at the world and take up new hobbies and interests that make your soul sing again. This will assist you to ‘lighten up’ the energies around you and make decisions more easily. Gabriel offers you the energies of the crystal Aqua Aura to assist you over the coming months.

Pisces – Archangel Uriel wishes to connect to and assist all those born under the sign of Pisces in the coming year. The energies of Uriel assist to bring light, hope and faith into the world. This is a year of learning to find your place in the world around you and exploring how you can influence change. You are asked to explore connecting with your local communities and ‘being the change that you would like to see.’ The crystal that Archangel Uriel offers you in order to assist you with this is Phenacite.

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