A New Year’s Blessing


Let go of the old
Allow the new
Spirit has risen
Inside of you

Who you once were
Will be no more
You have been freed
From stories of yore

Lessons of truth
Bring clarity to you
Warming your heart
To carry anew

Look to the New Year
Magic is here
Waiting to bring you
Desires so true

The New Year is here
Blessings to you!





About Author

Heather Plyler

Heather Plyler is the founder and president of her inspired business, Soul Hooping, established in 2014 after receiving her certification as a Radiant You Meditation™ Hoop Instructor from Hooping Harmony. Heather facilitates Adult and Children’s Hoop classes, Women’s Empowerment Programs and is a Personal Transformational Mentor.

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