Abundance & Manifestation
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Angels of Abundance

Who are our Angels of Abundance? Archangel Raphael – the healing angel who supports our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual…

Angels & Inspiration
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Defining Elemental Spirits

Elementals and the elemental kingdom contain such creatures (often considered to be mythical) as fairies, goblins, gnomes and elves, leprechauns,…

Spiritual Growth
Health & Healing
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October Wellness Challenge

Giving and Random Acts of Kindness This month we are focusing on a simple, enjoyable practice that can enhance your…

Love & Relationships
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Finding Your Inner Sextober

Whether you may be trick or treating this Halloween, you must take some time to realize you are the treat!…

World Peace
Cemetery in Poland on All Saints Day

The Days of Our Lives (And Deaths)

No matter what you call yourself…ghost hunter, paranormal investigator, etc…October is THE unofficial month long holiday of anything paranormal.  Anyone…